Considering Love and Other Magic

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Director/screenwriter Dave Schultz (and some crew) from the film in attendance for Q & A after the screening!

This touching film is brilliantly written, beautifully shot and superbly acted and it is about family, understanding, communication, forgiveness, mystery, self empowerment and compassion.

While trying to make sense of her home life since her brother’s abrupt passing, Jessie (Maddie Phillips) reluctantly agrees to tutor young Tommy (Ryan Grantham, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus), a reclusive boy who insists he hasn’t stepped outside the mansion of Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Veronica Guest (Sheila McCarthy, Little Mosque on the Prairie) in more than 60 years. Tommy is convinced he’s a work of fiction; a boy invented from the pages of a short story that first appeared in 1952. With her work cut out for her, Jessie is keen to catch a glimpse of Tommy’s mysterious uncle, the elusive dime novel detective Jasper Diamond (Eric McCormack, Will and Grace). Fact and fiction collide, and as Jessie processes her own grief, she begins to think she may have bitten off more than she can chew. Before long the mansion’s hidden pathways reveal its dusty secrets, Jessie is convinced she can face herself by helping Tommy.

This story about love and magic and friendship is from Calgary filmmaker Dave Schultz who will be in attendance at the screening.

  • 2016 | Canada | 93 min
  • Drama / Fantasy
  • Grades: 9+ (Advisory: Deals with the affects of suicide for those left behind but it is not the focus of the entire film. Some details of the death are briefly mentioned and a few moments of obsessive behaviour are depicted.)


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