All Creatures Big and Small

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This film has a few scenes that might be intense for the very very young viewer.

The big flood is coming and the animals are gathering to board the Ark. Dave and his son Finny have made the trip, but they are not on the list! Dave makes a plan and joins the others. Finny meets Leah and they explore the boat together, but the two of them are left behind while exploring the scaffolding outside!

These two know they have to get to higher ground. Leah, being a loner species, has to learn what friendship and teamwork is. Along the way they meet two more species who were also left behind. Meanwhile, Finny’s dad and Lea’s mom also learn to work together to find their children.

This is a charming story of relationships, fitting in, forgiveness, teamwork, and caring about others even if they are different. Sometimes things are not always as they seem, and with love anything is possible. A lovable cute movie that the entire family can enjoy.

  • 2016 | Germany / USA | 87 min
  • Animation | Comedy | Family
  • Grades: K-3


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