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Radio Interview
Click below to listen to an interview with Festival Director Cathy McKee on CJSW, Feb 16 2010.


Press Resources

The Reel Fun Film Festival is a not-for-profit film festival that provides curriculum-oriented film education and international screenings. Its founders recognized a need for a family-focused film festival that would inspire Alberta children and youth to become the filmmakers of tomorrow. We continue to promote movies that open minds to cultural diversity, emotional intelligence, and media literacy.

All media inquiries should be directed to:

Emily Cargan
Media Director, Reel Fun Film Festival

Phone (403) 244-3295

Reel Fun Film Festival Logos
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RF3 Logo RF3 Logo
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RF3 Logo RF3 Logo
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Press Releases
Press Release Press Release January 20, 2010
Interview Opportunities

The following people are available for interviews. Please contact the Media Director to arrange. Inquiries for interviews related to other films are more than welcome. Send an email to:

  • Cathy McKee, Festival Director
  • Dagen Merrill (Director) & Chris Wyatt (Producer), Broken Hill [film link]
Broken Hill Press Resources
  • Broken Hill Press Material [ link ]
  • Broken Hill B-Roll / Broadcast Footage: [ link ]















If you have any questions or comments we'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at: or call Cathy at (403) 275-9373 / (403) 875-8875