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Selected Film Previews:

Welcome to the 1st Annual Reel Fun Film Festival!
We are thrilled to present an extraordinary selection of films - many of which we are premiering at RFFF!!! These films are guaranteed to engage, entertain and educate students, teachers and parents alike.

Public Screening Ticket
You're invited to our Official Opening & Closing Screenings of the films "A Lobster's Tale" and "Davie and Golymir" at the Plaza Theatre. Tickets available at the theatre, or click here for more information. Note that all school screenings are open to the public for attendance - public screening ticket prices apply to non-school participants.

We are excited to offer a great lineup for students grades K-12 showcasing quality curriculum linked films that will provoke discussion and will promote students to go beyond the classroom and experience stories and issues from around the world.

Alberta Children’s Hospital Screening

April 30, 2007
The Reel Fun Film Festival (RFFF) aims to captivate and inspire young minds through engaging films and stories from Canada and around the world. Our hope is to bring one of the most joyous and memorable experiences of childhood; watching movies in a theatre setting with others, to children who may not otherwise be able to engage in this simple childhood pleasure. Our hospital screening day will include:
  • Screening of films (shorts and feature length) for three different age groups
  • Screening of films for families in residence at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Screening of films for students at the Gordon Townsend school at the Children’s Hospital
  • A special separate screening for children in the oncology ward who may not be able to attend with the general hospital population
  • An after-screening social for children and families




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